Monday, April 7, 2014

Building a custom gaming computer from scratch

Learn how you can build a gaming PC from scratch without breaking a sweat

It's not easy building a gaming PC all by yourself but it certainly is easy if someone is there to help you crafting your first gaming PC, Here in the article, I'll be discussing what you need to look for in a gaming PC and include some builds for different budgets that you can go and buy right away from retailers like amazon. Feel free to comment and ask question. 

Gaming PC intro

Hardcore gamers know that the quality of their machine plays a large part on how much they are going to enjoy a game. As games are getting more and more demanding, it's hard to imagine every single PC delivering smooth gameplay in every game. That why most of the gamer should consider buying a custom gaming computer. Everything from the graphics to the performance should be state of the art as any compromise would be costly in the world of gaming, specially online gaming. I will try my best here to provide the best, brief information about gaming PC.

PC games these days are highly sophisticated than it was before. I think it's obvious that they require significantly higher raw power than regular day to day tasks like sending an email, checking your facebook or watching netflix. As everyone can see cheap computer will not be able to play most of the games in playable frame rate largely due to the fact that it lacks power to do so.That's why I believe gamers prefer to purchase or even build their own custom gaming computer. Whether you build it yourself or have a third party build it for you doesn't matter, as long as you're getting a computer capable of running most of the games out there.
I've been a PC gamer since my early days and I can say that as PC games get more and more complex, hardware requirements keep increasing exponentially. I sometimes find it hard to believe that a gaming PC purchased 24 months ago which was considered high end PC at that time may have trouble running latest PC games at highest settings now. So, take it from me, it's not how much money you have or how much money you spend, it's about how intelligently you can spend money. The first lesson I'd like to give you here is that if you think money is the only obstacle between you and a gaming PC, you are wrong, unfortunately.

Things you need to buy to build a great gaming PC

Steps to build a great gaming PC. You can check out this site at Gaming specs for some great builds.

First, I'd recommend you to decide a CPU depending on your budget. I'd recommend Intel core i5 4670k if you have over $200 budget and AMD FX-6300 if your budget is around $100.

Once you've done that buy a GPU. Checkout benchmark and performance of different GPU before buying. Keep an eye on your CPU and GPU combination. You don't want bottleneck in your system.

After you have your CPU and GPU, find a decent motherboard that supports the CPU and GPU you're getting. Don't overspend here. You should buy a solid motherboard that works, not an expansive crap with features that you won't ever use.

The next step I'd recommend is to buy RAM. for your system. 8 GB is enough these days.

Once you've bought RAM, get a storage drive for your PC. If you are in a tight budget go for HDD only. If your budget is not so limited go for HDD+SSD combination for exceptional performance everyone expects from a gaming PC.

Don';t forget that you need to buy a PSU or Power Supply Unit to power your whole system. Buy a good 80 plus unit that can deliver enough power for your CPU and GPU.

Finally choose a decent PC case to house all your component.

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